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Ambassador Bridge Goes Green

The Moroun family has been progressive with "green" ideas company wide. They believe in reducing our carbon footprint and preserving the earth’s valuable resources that support our future. It is often difficult and expensive to adopt new green technologies, but it is essential to protect the communities that surround the Ambassador Bridge. From Central Transport to the Ammex Global Marketplace, the Morouns have been changing the way their business impacts the community.

The Ambassador Bridge is located on the Detroit/Windsor border. It is on the outskirts of a community that is surrounded with industry. Hundreds of trucks pass over the bridge daily, but the Detroit International Bridge Company has come up with solutions to help reduce the negative impact on the community.

  1. Expanded customs toll booths, partner in the Gateway Project

    How this helps: Truck emissions are at their worst when trucks are idle. By expanding the customs plaza, it provides a more efficient way of trucks crossing the border, reducing idle trucks significantly. The Gateway Project upon completion will eliminate truck traffic off of local city streets. This has and will continue to reduce harmful emissions into the air and community.

  2. New Truck Emissions Standards for 2010

    How this helps: Trucks must have equipment that reduces their truck emissions to that of a standard lawn mower. Central Transport trucks have been on the forefront of adopting this technology.

  3. Water Reclamation Facility

    How this helps: A sizeable investment was placed below the Ambassador Bridge to assist in cleaning the water that collects the by products from trucks passing over the bridge. The water reclamation facility cleans and filters the water before it reenters into the Detroit River.

  4. Lighting and Alternative Energy sources

    How this helps: There are current projects and testing that will result in the bridge being completely independent of the city’s power grid. LED lighting will be installed to maximize light output and minimize power usage. There will be a possible integration of solar, wind, and water power. We are currently testing hydrovortex water power generators and are awaiting approval of the use of such technology.

*Please check in soon for new "green" updates to come. Earth Day will be celebrated on Thursday April 22, 2010. Please check out for more information on how you can help the environment.