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Regular $.71/ltr
Diesel $.69/ltr
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Regular $1.979/gal
Diesel $1.919/gal
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The Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project:
A Billion Dollar Investment in Michigan's Future

Environmentally Friendly Project Design

  • The U.S. Coast Guard issued a Draft Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) of the Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project on the environment in February 2009 and awaiting final approval.

  • Significant research has been conducted to ensure that the Project poses minimal environmental impact.

  • The Detroit International Bridge Company has already invested more than $60 million in a state-of-the-art water reclamation and treatment facility.

Creates Immediate Economic Stimulus for the Region

  • The Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project -- a second privately funded span with six new lanes for traffic and a safety shoulder in both directions -- is one of the largest job creation projects in the state.

  • The Project will create nearly 4,000 jobs within the first year and more than 20,000 over the next two decades.

Private Investment Makes Public Funds Available for Community Needs

  • $1 billion in private funds will be invested by the Detroit International Bridge Company, the owners and operators of the bridge.

  • Private funding of the project means that municipal, state and federal governments have more to spend on needed services.

Project Supports Downtown Businesses

  • The Ambassador Bridge brings patrons near downtown Detroit; a second span will ensure that traffic continues to flow downtown, further supporting minority owned businesses.

  • Additional jobs for residents of Detroit means workers spending their earnings in the community and supporting local economic growth.

Improves Traffic Connectivity through the Detroit-Windsor Corridor

  • The second span will have dedicated lanes for certified low risk, high speed vehicles FAST & NEXUS.

  • The Project will retain the existing historic bridge for overflow traffic, use by bridge maintenance vehicles and special events.